Clear Styrenic Block Copolymer (SBC) Asaflex™ 815

Asaflex™ 815 has a wax added grade to Asaflex 810. Well suited for deep-drawn packaging such as blister packaging.


Physical Form

  • Pellet

Features and Benefits

  • Deep drawability
  • High rigidity
  • High impact resistance


  • FDA CFR 177.1640
  • Regulation (EU) No 10/2011


Property Test Method Unit Value
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.02
Water Absorption ISO 062 % <0.1
MFR 200°C, 5kg Load ISO 1133 g/10 min 6
Mold Shrinkage % 0.2~0.8
Tensile Strength, 50 mm/min ISO 527-1 MPa 27
Elongation, 50 mm/min ISO 527-1 % 200
Flexural Strength ISO 178 MPa 37
Flexural Modulus ISO 178 MPa 1200
Rockwell Hardness ISO 2039-2 HRR 55
Durometer Hardness ISO 868 HDD 71
Charpy Impact Strength*
ISO 179 kJ/m2 100
Charpy Impact Strength*
ISO 179 kJ/m2 2
Heat DistortionTemp.
Non-annealed,1.8 MPa load, 120 K/h
ISO 75-1 °C 57
Vicat Softening Point
10 N Load, 50 K/h
ISO 306 °C 82
Total Light Transmission, 2mm Thick Plate ISO 13468 90
Haze, 2mm Thick Plate ISO 14782 MPa 0.5

*Value at fracture into two or more pieces

Please note that all data and values are given as typical results obtained with the indicated test methods for l,thpurposes of basic reference in grade selection only, and not as any product specification or warranty of any nature, and are subject to change without notice.

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