Elastomer(SEBS, SBS)Tech Guide

Resin Modification Styrenic resins Enhancing impact strength Impact Strength-Baseline Comparison
Impact strength of extruded Tufprene™/ Asaflex™ blend sheets
Low-temp. impact strength of extruded Tufprene™・Asaflex™/SC blend sheets
Enhancing elongation Elongation characteristics of extruded sheets from Asaflex™/GPPS blends
Increasing hinge life Folding endurance of extruded Tufprene™/ Asaflex™ blend sheets
TPU Improve low temperature brittleness, processability Compatibilization between TPU and olefinic resins by using modified SBBS, TUFTECTM MP10
Olefinic resins Enhancing impact strength Impact strength modification of PP by Tuftec™ H1041
Enhancing elongation Typical polypropylene modification by Tuftec™ H1062
Enhancing flexibility Flexural modulus range in PP modified by Tuftec™ H1221
Engineering plastics Enhancing impact strength Typical nylon 6 modification by Tuftec™ M
PET modification by Tuftec™ M
Effects of polycarbonate modification by Tuftec™ M
Enhancing compatibility Modifiers for enhancement of polyphenylene ether (PPE), applicable to flame retardant wire coating material
PLA Enhancing impact strength Impact modification of PLA by using F-SBBS, Tuftec™ MP10
Compatibilization Styrenic resins / Olefinic resins Enhancing impact strength and elongation of alloys Tuftec™ H1041・H1043 compatibilization of HIPS and PP
PP Improve abration resistance and C-set
Provide high transparency and flexibility
Newly developed S.O.E.™ grades
Asphalt Modification Reduced asphalt temperature sensitivity,increased durability Effects of asphaltmodification by Tufprene™ and Asaprene™
Morphology of asphalt/Asaprene™ T blends
Excellent compatibility with asphalt by S.O.E.™
Adhesive and Sealant Tuftec™ and Asaprene™ T adhesive properties
Self-adhering films produced by blow extrusion
Foamed sponge Low resilience Superior shock absorption, in foamed S.O.E.™ cushion
Grades for low rebound cross-linked foam, having excellent cross-linking property with ethylene based materials (EVA or EOR)
Enhancing compatibility with filler, flame retardance Formulations with high filler content enabled by S.O.E.™
Elastomer compound Enhance adhesionTuftec™M C5025 to enhance adhesion of TPEs to engineering plastics in overmolding process
Automotive interior parts Automotive interior leather Artificial leather from S.O.E.™
Addictives further improves dielectric property for next-generation communication equipment dielectric property Modifier that gives low dielectric using Tuftec®
A modifier for thermosetting/thermoplastic resins used for substrates, or applied to adhesive layer of multi layer substrate
Recycle/Biomass Enhancing compatibility Modification of recycled plastics by Tuftec™ (PCR-PP)
Modification of recycled plastics by Tuftec™ (PCR-PE)
Improve compatibility with different plastics(PE/PA)
Improve compatibility with different plastics(PP/PA)
Compatibilization of ABS and G-PE by Tuftec™