Hydrogenated Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomer (SEBS) S.O.E.™

S.O.E.™ is a hydrogenated styrene butadiene block copolymer (SEBS) with special polymer structure. It is characterized by excellent damping property, low resilience, anti abrasion property, anti scratch resistance. It is also characterized by good compatibility to polar resins.

Grade Shore-A Tg*3 MFR Applications
S1605 87 18 5.0*1 Polymer Modification TPE Compounds Footwear
S1606 67 -13 4.0*1 Polymer Modification TPE Compounds
S1611 71 9 4.0*2 Footwear
S1609 76 19 2.5*2 Footwear
Newly Developed Grade L520/N525

*1 Condition:230°C, 2.16kgf
*2 Condition:190°C, 2.16kgf
*3 Tg = Glass transition temperature (Tan peakδ temperature)


  • Excellent damping property
  • Anti abrasion property
  • Anti scratch resistance
  • Low resilience
  • Superior chemical resistance against acid, alkali and alcohol
  • Good compatibility to styrenic and orefinic resins
  • Good compatibility to engineering plastics
  • Cross-linkable with EVA or TPO

Application and Usage

  • Substitute for PVC
  • Shoe sole (foamed sponge with low resilience)
  • Artificial leather
  • Cable & wire
  • Modifier for TPE compound with dumping and anti abrasion property
  • Asphalt modifier
  • Adhesives for protective film

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