Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website

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  • Applicability and Acceptance

    These Terms and Conditions for Use of this Website (the “Terms”) apply to the use of the services provided through this elastomer information website “akelastomer.com” (the “Site”) operated by Asahi Kasei Corporation (“Asahi”). Use of the Site shall in itself be deemed to constitute the full acceptance of and agreement to all provisions of the Terms by the user (the “User”).

  • Extent and Revision

    Separate terms or conditions conveyed to the User by Asahi from time to time by means of this Site, regardless of their titles or headings, shall constitute an integral part of these Terms. Asahi may, with notification by means of its own choosing and without obtaining consent of the User, revise these Terms, and subsequent use of this Site shall be deemed to constitute consent by the User.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    All text, data, photographs, illustrations, animations, software, and other content of this Site are under the protection of copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary rights of Asahi or its affiliates (hereinafter collectively “Asahi”) or their respective owners, and use of this Site shall be deemed to constitute recognition thereof by the User and agreement by the User to refrain from acts of any nature which would be in violation thereof.

  • Non-warranty of Applications

    Any and all descriptions or presentations of product applications shown in this Site are provided only for purposes of basic reference, and not as any representation or warranty of suitability for a specific purpose or non-infringement of the industrial property rights of any third party.

  • Non-warranty of Data and Values

    Any and all data and values given in this Site reflect results which have been obtained by the indicated test methods and represent no warranty or specification of any nature.

  • Prohibitions

    In relation to the use of this Site, the User shall not perform or engage in any of the following acts. page of this Site.

    • Unauthorized provision of any part or all of this Site by photocopy, transmission, distribution, dissemination, or any other means, to any third party.
    • Transmission or input of any virus-contaminated or otherwise harmful program, data, or other material.
    • Any act which is or may be in violation of law, regulations, or ordinance.
  • Privacy and Personal Information

    Please refer to the Privacy Policy page of this Site.

  • Compensation for Loss or Damage and Indemnification

    Use of this Site shall be at the risk and responsibility of the User. The User shall indemnify and hold Asahi harmless from any claim for damage incurred by any other user of this Site or any other third party caused by or arising out of the use of the Site by the User, and shall resolve such claim at its own responsibility and expense. Asahi shall be neither held responsible nor liable in regard to any of the following.

    • Interruption or suspension of service, delay in provision of information, or other such occurrences arising out of or caused by equipment malfunction, man-made or natural disaster, or other such circumstances.
    • Completeness or accuracy of information provided.
    • Any effect on the terminal equipment, software, or other such devices or systems of the User, including but not limited to that of program or data contamination by virus or other such agents.
    • Any other loss or damage incurred by the User through use of the Site.
  • Non-transferability and Confidentiality

    The User shall not transfer or assign to any third party any status, right, or obligation under any agreement for the use of this Site. The User shall not disclose or transfer to any third party any confidential information gained from this Site pertaining to the business of Asahi or that of any other user of this Site. Asahi shall bear no responsibility or liability of any nature, in the event of any loss or damage to the User or to any other user or third party arising out of or caused by disclosure of such confidential information through the use of this Site by the User.

  • Links to Third-party Websites

    This Site may contain links to websites operated by third parties. Asahi shall bear no responsibility or liability of any nature relating to the content of such websites. The provision of any such link to a third-party website implies no recommendation of its content, and shall not be construed as representing the existence of any relationship with the operator of that website.

  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    The User and Asahi hereby agree that the use of the Site and the Terms and all related documents shall be governed and bound by the laws of Japan and the regulations and ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan Prefecture. Asahi makes no representation or indication in or on the basis of this Site that its contents are correct or otherwise appropriate. The use of this Site by the User shall be of the User’s own volition and at the User’s own responsibility. Except where otherwise expressly provided, the court of exclusive original jurisdiction over any dispute or controversy related to or arising out of the use of this Site shall be the Tokyo District Court.