SDS Database

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Product Grade Japanese English* Chinese*
Butadiene Rubber / Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Asadene™ NF35R
Asadene™ 35AE, 55AE
Tufdene™ 1000, 2000R, 2003, 2100R
Tufdene™ 3830, 3835, 4850, E580  
Asaprene™ 303, 306, 1205
Asaprene™ 6500P
Asaprene™ 610A, 615A, 625A, 670A
Asaprene™ 720AX, 730AX
Tufdene™ 3830, 3835, 4850, E581, E680
High-performance Clear Styrenic Block Copolymer
Grade Japanese English* Chinese*
Asaflex™ 810
Asaflex™ 800S, 805, 810, 825, 830, 840
Asaflex™ 815, 835, 845
Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomer
Grade Japanese English* Chinese*
Tufprene™ A, 125, 126S, 315P
Asaprene™T T-411, T-411XL, T-411G, T-412, T-413, T-420P, T-432, T-432G, T-432L, T-436, T-437L, T-437G, T-438, T-439
Hydrogenated Styrenic Elastomer
Grade Japanese English* Chinese*
Tuftec™ N504
Tuftec™ H1041, H1043, H1051, H1052, H1053, H1062, H1221, H1517, H1521
Tuftec™ H1272
Tuftec™ M1911, M1913, M1943, M1981  
Tuftec™ P1083, P1500, P2000, P5051, MP10
S.O.E.™ S1605, S1606
S.O.E.™ S1611, S1609