Elastomers, clear resins, and synthetic rubbers from Asahi Kasei

Elastomers, Clear Resins, and Synthetic Rubbers

From Asahi Kasei
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Breakthrough Newssheets

  • Breakthrough information for innovations and applications.
  • Shoe soles, electric cord sheathings, synthetic leathers, high-perfomance asphalt, engineering plastics modification, shrink film,
    food containers...
  • Dedicated to breakthroughs and growth - together.

Hydrogenated Styrenic Elastomer

Formulations with high filler content enabled by S.O.E.™

Superior shock absorption, in foamed S.O.E.™ cushion

Self-adhering films produced by blow extrusion
- Adhesion control by S.O.E.™ content in adhesion layer -

S.O.E.™ S1605 & S1606 : Modifiers for enhancement of polyphenylene ether (PPE), applicable to flame retardant wire coating material.

Superior vibration-damping and wear resistance of EPDM & EOR provided by S.O.E.™ S1611& L609 (trial grade)

S.O.E.™ S1611& L609 (trial grade) : Grades for low rebound cross-linked foam, having excellent cross-linking property with ethylene based materials (EVA or EOR)

Excellent compatibility with asphalt, by using S.O.E.™ series

High-performance Clear Styrenic Resin

Transparent film with excellent stiffness and gas permeability enabled by Asaflex™ series

Asaflex™ with low birefringence

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