TUFPRENE™ A SBS: Styrenic thermoplastic elastome

The basic grade in the broad range of styrene-butadiene block copolymers from Asahi Kasei. A styrenic thermoplastic elastomer with superior elasticity, styrenic resins compatibility, moldability, adhesive performance, and asphalt blend characteristics. It is supplied in pellet form.
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Styrenic resins modifier, imparting increased impact strength, for food containers. Also used as adhesives and sealants component, and as asphalt modifier for reduced temperature sensitivity and heightened cohesive and adhesive strength.
Food containers, Foamed nets, Adhesives for building and construction, Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, Adhesive asphalt layer


Physical Form

  • Pellet

Features and Benefits

  • High Hardness


Property Test Method Unit Value
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 0.95
MFR 190°C, 2.16kg ISO 1133 g/10 min 2.6
MFR 200°C, 5kg ISO 1133 g/10 min 13
Hardness Type A ISO 7619 °Shore A 85
Tensile strength ISO 37 MPa 14
Elongation ISO 37 % 1100
300% Tensile Stress ISO 37 MPa 2.5
Viscosity as 25% solution in toluene Asahi Kasei Method mPa.s 650
Styrene / Ethylene-Butylene Ratio Asahi Kasei Method wt% 40/60

<Test conditions>
Test piece:Compression-molded sheet, 2-mm thick, type1A dumbbell shape.
Roll kneading temp.: 120°C~130°C.
Compression molding: Preheating, 160°C 5 min; compression, 80 kg/cm2 160°C 5 min; cooling, 3 min.
Test measurements temp.: 23°C.

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