High-performance Clear Styrenic Block Copolymers (SBC) Asaflex™

Asaflex™ is a styrene-butadiene block copolymer (SBC) characterized by both superior transparency and high impact resistance. As the polybutadiene-phase (i.e., the rubber-phase) dispersion in Asaflex™ is on a finer scale than the wavelength of visible light, Asaflex™ has flexibility and hinge characteristics while maintaining high transparency.



Due to good compatibility with styrenic resins such as GPPS, Asaflex™ can be blended at arbitrary ratio.

*1 200°C, 5kgf
*2 10 N Load, 50 K/h
*3 2mm Thick Plate


  • High transparency and gloss
  • Superior impact strength
  • Superior compatibility with styrenic resins
  • Excellent flexibility yielded to GPPS
  • High hinge characteristics
  • Broad range of processing methods and conditions (i.e., inflation molding)
  • Stable to gamma-radiation sterilization
  • Low double refraction like acrylate resin
  • Coloring and printing capability

Applications and Usage

Asaflex™ can be used in various molding methods such as injection, extrusion, inflation molding and etc. just same as styrenic resins. It can also be used for shrink film applications with high elongation.

  • Film applications with high transparency and gloss, good printability and contractibility at low temperature
    Shrink film
  • Packaging and wrapping materials
    A wide variety of food packages such as cups, lids, and ice cream containers
    Blister packages
  • Transparent case and parts
    Hair spray cap
    Eye drop container
  • Toys
    Plastic model, rattle, mini-car, quoits, and etc.
  • Medical devices and its wrapping materials
    Test tube, urinal bottle, laboratory dish, drip tube, and etc.

Asaflex™ Blend Simulator

Enter the Asaflex™ content below, to obtain an estimate of the transparency and impact resistance of sheets made with blends of the indicated Asaflex™ grade with GPPS and with SC.

Asaflex™content*: wt%
*Enter wt% between 30 and 70.
Property Units Asaflex™835 Asaflex™845
Dart impact strength kg·cm
Test conditions:

Sheet thickness: 0.6 mm

Haze: With fluid paraffin coating

Dart: Tip radius, 1/2 inch

Temperature: 23°C

SC: Styrenic copolymer from PS Japan Corp. similar to Asaflex™ in refraction index; sheets produced from SC-Asaflex™ blends show transparency and impact resistance levels unattainable with GPPS.

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