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Elastomers, Clear Resins, and Synthetic Rubbers

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Product Information Asaflex
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Asaflex™  Basic Profile
The High-performance Clear Styrenic Copolymers (SBC)

Asaflex™ is a styrene-butadiene block copolymer (SBC) characterized by both superior transparency and high impact resistance. The polybutadiene-phase (i.e., the rubber-phase) dispersion in Asaflex™ is on a finer scale than the wavelength of visible light.
It can effectively heighten the impact strength, flexural properties, and other copolymer characteristics, with no effect on its light transmission.

Salient features of Asaflex™
  • High transparency, elegant gloss.
  • Superior impact strength.
  • Superior flexural characteristics.
  • Coloring and printing capability.
  • Superior compatibility with styrenic resins, for high impact strength.
  • Broad range of processing methods and conditions (i.e., inflation molding).
  • Sterilization using gamma-ray is possible.
  • Superior double refraction like acrylate resin.
  • Product with well balance of stiffness and flexibility can be obtained.
  • Superior permiability to gases.

Typical applications of Asaflex™
Use the Asaflex™ blend simulator, to estimate
the balance between impact resistance and transparency.