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Product Information Tufprene and Asaprene
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The styrenic thermoplastic elastomers [SBS]
TUFPRENE™ and ASAPRENE™T are styrene-butadiene block copolymers, widely recognized and proven as styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) with excellent elastomeric characteristics, compatibility with polystyrene and other polymers, and processing characteristics.

The original TUFPRENE™ series was introduced in 1971 as the first styrenic TPE produced in Japan.
With its addition of the ASAPRENE™T series and its continuing advances in the performance characteristics
of both series for a broad range of functions and applications, Asahi Kasei is Japan’s established
leader in this field.

Salient features of TUFPRENE™ and ASAPRENE™T

In service, TUFPRENE™ and ASAPRENE™T provide elastic performance comparable to that of vulcanized rubber.
In fabrication, however, they can be readily molded and extruded in the same manner as other thermoplastics.
Their performance characteristics include the following.

  • High rubber elasticity, comparable to that of vulcanized rubber.
  • Superior low-temperature characteristics.
  • High adhesive strength, for a broad range of materials.
  • Superior compatibility with polystyrene and other resins, and with asphalt.
  • Low solution viscosity, ready solubility in a broad range of industrial solvents.
  • High slip resistance.
  • Crosslinking capability.
  • Low specific gravity, for lightweight products.

Typical applications of TUFPRENE™ and ASAPRENE™T

  • Plastic blends with polystyrene and other polymers.
  • Base polymers in a broad range of pressure-sensitive and other adhesives.
  • Asphalt blends for waterproof sheeting, road paving, other fields.
  • Shoe soles.
  • Multilayer coextruded sheets, toys, sporting goods, erasers, other products.

TUFPRENE™ and ASAPRENET polymer grades and application map