Elastomers, clear resins, and synthetic rubbers from Asahi Kasei

Elastomers, Clear Resins, and Synthetic Rubbers

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Tech guide Elastomers
Asahi Kasei elastomers and Asaflex™can contribute to a broad range of product performance solutions,in terms of both specific performance characteristics and total performance profile.

Use the following table and technical data as a basic guide to the utilization of Asahi Kasei elastomer and Asaflex™ types and grades, to meet the critical target requirements in your design and development of product and product performance solutions.

Breakthrough information for innovations and applications.
Breakthrough Newssheets
Target characteristic Product Effect Basic technical data
Resin Modification
Modification of
styrenic resins
Enhancing impact strength

Impact strength - baseline comparison

Impact strength of extruded sheets from Asaflex™ blends
Increasing hinge life
Folding endurance of extruded Asaflex™ blend sheets
Enhancing elongation
Elongation characteristics of extruded sheets from Asaflex™/GPPS blends
Modification of
olefinic resins
Tuftec™ H
Enhancing impact strength
Typical polypropylene modification by Tuftec™ H1041
Enhancing elongation
Typical polypropylene modification by Tuftec™ H1062
Enhancing flexibility
Flexural modulus range in PP modified by Tuftec™ H1221
Modification of engineering plastics
Tuftec™ M
Enhancing impact strength

Typical nylon 6 modification by Tuftec™ M

PET modification by Tuftec™ M
Effects of polycarbonate modification by Tuftec™ M
Compatibilization of styrenic resins and olefinic resins
Tuftec™ H
Enhancing impact strength and elongation of alloys

Tuftec™ H compatibilization of HIPS and PP

Asphalt Modification

Reduced asphalt temperature sensitivity,
increased durability

Characteristics of Tufprene™ and Asaprene™ modified asphalt

Morphology of asphalt/Asaprene™ blends
Excellent compatibility with asphalt, by using S.O.E.™ series
Adhesive and Sealant
Tuftec™ P
Tuftec™ and Asaprene™ T adhesive properties
Asaprene™ T438, T439 adhesive properties
Rubber/Ealstomer Modification

Superior vibration-damping and wear resistance of EPDM & EOR provided by S.O.E.™S1611 & L609 (tiral grade)  

  • Please note that all data and values are given as typical results obtained with the indicated test methods,
    and not as any product specification or warranty of any nature.